About C. Helton

Artist Statement

I feel a continuous balance in life …sorrow with joy, motion with calm, simplicity with energy, and nature with human bustle.

My paintings capture for the viewer a memory in life. My subjects include city and country scenes, beauty, humanity, unique perspectives ~ lots of variety and contrast. My challenge is to construct a composition that is personal and unique, yet universal enough to communicate to a wide audience.

All in all, I want my compositions to spark with emotion and be enjoyed.

Process and Techniques

Working in several mediums, I am a creature of change, rather than habit! As soon as I paint one way, I change and find a new technique. It is hard to say what my process is, yet usually…

When working with PASTELS, I start with a watercolor wash on Wallis paper. Then layer the pastels dark to light. I finish the details with pastel pencils. My pastels are meditative and sensitive. Recently, I started painting with OILS, I work in a similar manner as pastels, working dark to light, building up the shapes.

WATERCOLORS are started on Arches 140 lb paper. I teeter between doing wet-on-wet or dry-paper starts with lots of blending and lifting, covering the whole paper, and building up my figures and background at the same time. I tend to finish my paintings with calligraphic strokes to give it some light-heartedness. I like to keep my watercolors appearing free flowing and intuitive. I have been adding collage papers and acrylics to some of my watercolor pieces.

ACRYLICS are usually done on stretched canvas. I do a drawing directly on the canvas and several small value studies and color sketches ahead of time. But I often find myself reconstructing the whole composition several times, before I complete the painting. My acrylics are manipulated and invigorating.

My hope is to entice the viewer with the subject represented, lead them to a fascination with the brush strokes, and enable them to discover a personal connection.